About Montana Waters

The concept for the Montana Waters campaign was developed by the former Flathead Basin Commission (now the Western Montana Conservation Commission) and its partners. Learn more about the motivation and goals behind the campaign and the resources it provides!

Campaign Background & Purpose

The Montana Waters campaign was developed by the former Flathead Basin Commission (now the Western Montana Conservation Commission) in 2021 – 2022 with assistance and input from 50+ watershed partners across the Flathead Basin.

The Flathead Basin Commission (FBC) was established in 1983 by the Montana Legislature to monitor and protect water quality and the natural resources in one of the state’s most important watersheds. During its 40-year history, the FBC worked on various water quality issues including projects focused in and around septic leachate, stormwater, and runoff pollution/mitigation.

In 2020, after discussing ways to conduct outreach on several of these projects, the commission identified the need for a comprehensive, partner-driven water quality campaign for the Flathead Basin. In December of 2020, FBC hosted a meeting of 50+ partners and partner organizations working on these water quality issues throughout the Flathead Basin. The meeting and a follow-up survey gathered feedback and gauged interest on the need/desire for a larger water quality focused partnership campaign. A steering committee was formed to assist and guide in the development of a basin-wide water quality campaign and subsequent projects.

In 2023, the FBC was dissolved and replaced by the Western Montana Conservation Commission (WMCC) by the Montana Legislature. The WMCC’s mission is to protect the existing high quality of western Montana’s aquatic resources. While the idea for the campaign originated in the Flathead Basin, WMCC is committed to spreading the positive impact of Montana Waters: Clearly Connected across the entire region.

Campaign Goals


Public Awareness

Water quality issues are threatening the pristine water quality of western Montana. The campaign seeks to increase public awareness of these issues, ultimately enhancing personal behaviors and inspiring residents and visitors to take pride and responsibility in conservation efforts.


Coordination + Collaboration

The campaign seeks to foster coordination and collaboration among partners working on water quality issues in western Montana by increasing consistency of messaging, improving accessibility and awareness of available resources, and enhancing partnership opportunities.

About Resources Available

One of the main objectives of the Montana Waters campaign is to provide resources to all the organizations working to protect our water quality across western Montana.

We are continually working to develop products for partners to download and utilize when conducting education and outreach on water quality issues. Please visit our resources page to view the many products we have available including:

We are always interested in expanding and improving our various forms of education and outreach, and we love to work with and support partner organizations with their outreach efforts. Please use the Contact Us form if you would like to get in touch about the development of new materials or the improvement of existing ones.

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