Bitterroot Conservation District

Bitterroot Conservation District seeks to conserve soil and water resources in Ravalli County.

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Bitterroot River Protection Association

The Bitterroot River Protection Association is a non-profit dedicated to protecting the waters of the Bitterroot Watershed from environmental degradation.

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Bitterroot Water Partnership

The Bitterroot Water Partnership leads reliable and intentional conservation initiatives that promote and provide clean, ample water for people and healthy habitats by working with key partners and our communities.

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"Montana Waters: Clearly Connected is about more than water quality, it represents community and our collective spirit to safeguard the world class aquatic resources of western Montana."


Mike Koopal, Whitefish Lake Institute

City of Hamilton

The City of Hamilton is a local municipal government in Ravalli County in the Bitterroot Watershed.

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Ravalli County

Ravalli County is a government agency in the headwaters of the Bitterroot Watershed.

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