What You Can Do

We all live in a watershed, and every choice we make has an impact on our water. When each of us plays our part to protect water quality one action at a time, we have the collective power to protect and preserve our beautiful, pristine waters for generations to come.

While Montana has some of the cleanest waterbodies in the country, we are facing distinct challenges to water quality. There are three main sources of pollutants that influence water quality.

Point and nonpoint sources are the products of human influence on the landscape. The greatest percentage of stream and lake impairments in Montana come from nonpoint sources.

Water Quality Challenges

Land Management Impacts

Responsibly manage your land and encourage responsible management in your community.
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Residential Landscaping Impacts

Implement watershed-friendly gardening tips.
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Nutrient Pollution

Learn about different sources of nutrients and how you can help prevent nutrient pollution.
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Aquatic Invasive Species & Recreation Impacts

Be a responsible recreator and stop the spread of AIS.
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Septic Leachate & Wastewater Impacts

Reduce septic leachate pollution by being a responsible septic system owner.
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Stormwater Pollution

Reduce stormwater pollution by being mindful of what you leave on the landscape.
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Looking for Other Ways to Act?

Get involved in volunteer opportunities or share information about protecting water quality.
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