Blackfoot Challenge

The Blackfoot Challenge’s mission is┬áto coordinate efforts to conserve and enhance natural resources and the rural way of life in the Blackfoot Watershed for present and future generations.

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Clearwater Resource Council

The Clearwater Resource Council (CRC) works to engage the community and facilitate efforts that will enhance, conserve, sustain, and protect the natural resources and rural lifestyle of the Clearwater Watershed for present and future generations.

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Lewis & Clark Conservation District

Lewis and Clark Conservation District’s mission is to provide leadership in the conservation and wise use of soil, water, and related resources to the landowners of Lewis and Clark County.

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"Nonpoint source pollution is one of the biggest threats to the sustainability and resiliency of our water resources. We must focus on solutions that mitigate the cumulative impact of stormwater runoff."


Tracy Campbell, Stormwater, City of Missoula

Lewis & Clark County

Lewis and Clark County is a government agency at the headwaters of the Blackfoot Watershed.

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North Powell Conservation District

North Powell Conservation District is dedicated to preserving the natural resources of Powell County.

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Powell County

Powell County is a government agency spanning the Flathead, Blackfoot, and Upper Clark Fork watersheds.

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