University of Montana

The University of Montana is an institute of higher learning dedicated to providing high-quality and accessible education.

Sanders County Aquatic Invasive Plant Task Force

Sanders County AIS Task Force monitors and assesses conditions related to AIS in Sanders County and develops associated management strategies.

Sanders County

Sanders County is a government agency in the northern Lower Clark Fork Watershed.

Rattlesnake Creek Watershed Group

Rattlesnake Creek Watershed Group’s mission is to protect and restore Rattlesnake Creek Watershed and to promote appreciation and respect in the community for the watershed’s unique qualities.

Missoula County Department of Ecology and Extension

Missoula County Department of Ecology strives to provide coordination, educational outreach, and training to address the needs of the public in the areas of land management, youth development, and family and consumer sciences.

Missoula County

Missoula County is a government agency at the headwaters of the Lower Clark Fork Watershed.

Missoula Conservation District

Missoula Conservation District works to promote sustainable resource management for all natural resources in Missoula County.

Mineral County Conservation District

Mineral County Conservation District works to promote soil and water conservation across Mineral County.

Mineral County

Mineral County is a government agency in the western Lower Clark Fork Watershed.

Lower Clark Fork Watershed Group

Lower Clark Fork Watershed Group is a non-profit created to serve for existing watershed councils engaged in protecting the water resources of the Lower Clark Fork River.

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